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The following issues are important to Charles as a Commissioner of the 5th District:
  • Athletic opportunities and programs for children and seniors.
   Charles wants to provide more opportunities for all kids in the City of Minneapolis to particpate in Park Board programs while maintaining, fixing and enhancing the aging facilities that currently exist for these kids.
   As our population ages, Charles wants to provide a Minneapolis Park System that provides places for seniors to congregate and engage in social and athletic activities.    View Charles' video about Kids and Seniors
  • Racial justice and equity.
   Charles believes that the Minneapolis Park System can be a driving force for racial justice and equity by providing a wide range of activities and experiences for all.
  • Opportunities for work on climate change.
   Charles is anxious to work with other government bodies and agencies to create solutions that solve issues with climate change in the City of Minneapolis and its Park System.
  • Addressing water issues in South Minneapolis.
   Charles sees that the City of Minneapolis and its Park System face challenges from climate change. Considering that large portions of the city are at the bottom of the watershed, proper solutions need to be considered and implemented to make sure that the City of Minneapolis works with other public agencies and private entities to provide equitable solutions.
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  • Addressing failing park infrastructure in South Minneapolis.
   Charles is ready to dig in and work towards bringing our Park System back to a functional set of buildings and parks.
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  • Fiscal responsibility of taxpayer dollars.
   As a small business owner, Charles is ready to bring fiscal responsibility back to the Minneapolis Park Board. After all, this is the taxpayer's money!